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Enter Your Final Scores

How to enter your scores

Click on the button for your category (below) and complete the form.

You will enter the top 3 hardest climbs you completed, and note how many times you fell on each problem while attempting it.

If you did NOT fall, please enter the number ‘0’ (zero) on the number of falls section for that problem.

Make sure that you are entering the problem’s point value, NOT the problem number!

Example: climb #105 has a point value of 800. You completed the climb but fell 3 times while attempting. You need to enter 800 for the point value on the digital scorecard, and 3 for the number of falls on that climb.


Participants may be bumped up a category if they climbed harder than the max possible score for that category.

We do not bump down categories—only up.

Example: Let’s say the max score possible for the beginner category comes to 3,000 points, and you finish with 5,000 points after tallying your top 3 climbs. Excellent! You are a better climber than you give yourself credit for, and will be bumped up to the Novice category.

Wrong Score

If you think you entered something wrong, please report it to the Front Desk ASAP!

Comp Scoring will be finalized by 10:15 pm. After that, you are out of luck, sorry!


You chose a category when registering for the comp. If you can’t remember that, or think your category has changed, select the Scorecard you think best matches your category now.

Categories are:

  • Beginner: 5.8 – 5.10b
  • Novice: 5.10b – 5.11a
  • Intermediate: 5.11a – 5.11d.
  • Advanced: 5.11d – 5.12c.
  • Open: 5.12c+.

Enter your scores

Final Results

A special thanks to all of our awesome competitors and amazing Route Setters for making this comp great!