• Climbing by reservation only

  • Limited capacity and scheduled sessions

  • Masks and social distancing required

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Valued Quarry Members,

The Quarry has reopened its doors to all members and guests by scheduled session only.

New Gym Protocol:

     We will be complying with the governor’s suggestions of operation for gyms. Staff will be wearing masks at all times and will be temperature checked at the start of every shift. We will be periodically disinfecting throughout the gym. All participants are required to wear face masks in the gym, however, masks may be removed while climbing.

   Due to our buildings square footage and social distancing guidelines, a limit of 50 people will be allowed to climb at a time (15 bouldering and 35 roped climbing). You can sign up for a climbing session in advance via our website

   Starting June 25th we will be offering belay lessons and instruction again, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. As we are limited by the number of participants at any given time, monthly guest passes, and Free Friend Friday privileges will continue to be suspended until further notice. We appreciate your understanding and continued patience in this regard. 

Billing Protocol:

     You were billed monthly dues on March 15, therefore you have paid for the period between May 15–June 15. An automatic one-month credit will be applied to your account for this period. We will run a normal billing cycle on June 15 (charging you your monthly dues). If you do not wish to resume your membership on May 15 you must fill out a freeze form by May 10. If you do not wish to be charged your monthly dues on June 15 you must freeze or cancel your membership by June 10.

    If your account was not successfully billed on March 15th (i.e. you have a past due account balance), our billing system will automatically attempt to bill you on May 15th, unless you submit a cancellation request by May 10th.

    If you have any questions please contact We are grateful to have the opportunity to open our doors, and sincerely appreciate your continued support.

—Team Quarry


  • Who Can Climb?

    Members, punch pass holders, and guests are permitted inside the building. Day passes will be sold at regular price and are good for all day use (please see standby climbing for more information). Free friend Friday will not be honored at this time.

  • How Many People?

    Due to social distancing guidelines, we will be using a reservation system to limit maximum occupancy at any given time. We can allow for 35 people for Roped climbing and 15 for Bouldering.

  • How Long Can We Climb?

    We will offer 2 or 3 hour climbing sessions, and a standby system that allows participants to climb if a session has not been fully scheduled.

  • Will Instruction Be Offered?

    Starting June 25th, belay lessons and private instruction will be offered again. To sign up for one please see our Instruction page for further information. We still will not be offering yoga or youth programs until further notice.

  • Screening

    We don’t want you or anyone else getting sick, so in accordance with County Health Department regulations, these following questions act as a solid screening process. Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

    • Have you traveled outside of the state in the past 14 days?
    • Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:
      • Fever over 100.4°F
      • Muscle soreness
      • Cough
      • Sore throat
      • Shortness of breath
      • Change in sense of taste or smell
    • Is anyone in your home experiencing any of the symptoms listed above?


  • Members and Guests are required to wear face masks throughout the gym.

    Masks may be removed while you are on the wall climbing.

  • Members and Guests must respect and keep 10ft of social distance.

    We sincerely understand the desire to hug all of our friends, but for the time being, we ask that you keep your distance to set a good example on social distancing in these trying times.

  • We ask for your help to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by:

    • Not coming in if you feel sick.

      Please stay at home if you do not feel well.

    • Washing/sanitizing your hands frequently.

      This includes before you climb, while you climb, and after you climb.

  • Certain areas of the gym will have limited capacity to avoid large groups of people.

    Due to the state mandated social distancing, certain areas of the gym are subject to additional capacity limitations. Please be respectful of your friends and fellow climbers by not overcrowding tight spaces in the gym.

  • No cash transactions will be accepted until further notice.


  • Climbing time slots, with at least a 30min transition period between sessions

    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday time blocks: 10am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 8pm –10pm
    • Tuesday, Thursday time blocks:  6am – 9am, 10am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 8pm –10pm
    • Saturday: 9am – 12pm, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, 8pm –10pm
  • Members and Guests are encouraged to reserve a time slot via our booking system up to 1 week in advance to avoid waiting in line and potentially not being admitted into the gym. Guests using a member’s monthly buddy pass must climb standby.

  • Booking for any day opens a week prior to that day.

  • Members and Guests will line up outside the building prior to the beginning of their time slot (spaced out at appropriate social distance) and will be admitted in the order that they’ve lined up

  • Any account updates, such as purchasing additional punch passes, updating billing info, membership purchases, day pass purchases, etc., must wait until everybody else has already checked in.

  • Participants who signed up for a time slot and do not arrive within the first 15 minutes of the start time yield their position to members who are waiting in standby.

  • Participants who signed up for a time slot and later realize they cannot make it should cancel by giving us a call. CALL NOW

  • Standby Policy

    Participants may choose to climb “standby”, which means they can wait until all members of a certain climbing session have already checked in, and check to see if there is additional capacity available.

    • For example: Sally already booked a time slot earlier in the day but really wants to climb later that night too. She can see in the online booking that there are 5 spots available in the 8pm – 10pm session. She can come to the gym, and wait in the “standby” line, which will be on a first come first served basis. After all booked participants have been checked in, standby climbers will be checked in, in first come first served order.
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If you are a current member and would like to make changes to your membership (Update billing info, Freeze, Cancel)

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Monday 10am – 10pm
Tuesday 6am – 10pm
Wednesday 10am – 10pm
Thursday 6am – 10pm
Friday 10am – 10pm
Saturday 9am – 10pm
Sunday Closed


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If you have any questions about our new policies, your membership, or anything else please let us know.