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Everyone entering the gym must have a waiver
If this is your first time visiting the gym, you will need to complete a waiver. All participants, spectators, and belayers must have a waiver.

Under 18?
Minors must have a waiver completed by their Parent or Legal Guardian. Have your parent or guardian complete a waiver for you online.

Save time, complete a waiver online.

Step 2


Tips and must-haves

Wear comfortable, flexible clothing. Shorts, athletic pants, or leggings generally work best. Jeans are no fun.

You will need to wear closed-toe shoes or rent climbing shoes—climbing shoes do make a big difference!

If you have long hair, we strongly recommend you put it up for comfort and safety.

Leave rings, jewelry, and non-essential valuables at home. They could become safety hazards or get damaged.

We rent harnesses and climbing shoes. If you need a belay device, you can borrow one by trading collateral (keys, wallet, phone, etc.). If you have your own equipment, you are welcome to bring and use it.
Note: if your personal equipment is old, we may require you to rent from us as a safety precaution.

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Check-in & Certification
When you arrive at the gym, visit our front desk. If you completed a waiver online, let our staff know; they will find your waiver and assist you with purchasing admission and renting equipment.

We offer Day Passes, Punch Passes, Memberships, and Classes.
Day passes are valid all day long; you can even leave and return during the same day.

Belay Certification
All first-time guests planning to Top rope must get Belay Certified by a Quarry Staff Member. Belay certification lessons are free and typically take 15–20 minutes. No appointment necessary. After you have been certified, we will turn you loose to explore the gym.

Belay Rules
Participants 12yrs and older can get certified to belay for others who are 12 or older.
Any participants under the age of 12 must be belayed by an adult who is 18 or older.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our General FAQ page for more info or talk to a Quarry Staff Member